Lemongrass ORIGINAL Unique Impasto Abstract Palette Knife Modern High Gloss Painting Fine Art by Merv

$201.88 $336.47


Medium : Mixed Media on canvas
Year : 2018
Dimensions : 24" x 24" (60cm x 60cm) x 2" chunky gallery canvas

This painting comes stretched and ready to hang as pictured. Framing is available at additional cost.

From Merv's "Impasto" series

All paintings are signed, dated, and comes with Certificate of Authenticity to verify its originality and uniqueness.

"In my studio, I am creating a free flow of ideas, thoughts and emotions, narrated in an abstraction in which colours and shapes randomly collide. My canvas is like a toy to me, extremely personal yet universally relevant to the human journey. I dabble in modern abstract images which are often received through inner vision and self-conflict expression. In this journey through expressionism, I have discovered my artistic style and philosophy. I have chosen primarily pure abstract expression as it allows individual viewers to reach inside themselves for their own inner response to the work. This way, I have created an emotional response without even being specific. I am entirely self-taught"

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