Mervyn is a Yorkshire based artist who uses his canvas to share the free-spirited, joyful side of life. His whimsical and quirky paintings of sheep, each tells a stand-alone story inspired by clever wordplay. Mervyn’s ideas are mostly influenced through pop culture with echoes of his cheeky persona. Rather than taking a serious approach to art, Mervyn prefers to make humour the focus and delivers that through comical interpretations of sheep in the funniest of situations.

When not painting sheep, Mervyn also enjoys creating large vibrant abstracts and figurative paintings that often explore the naivety in human interactions and expressions which are equally as engaging as his flock of sheep.

Mervyn's works can be found in collections throughout the United Kingdom and internationally. He is occasionally seen showcasing his flock at various events in the north of England. Mervyn now paints professionally as a full-time artist in York, North Yorkshire.

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